All objects tell a story…

So, you find yourself with three small white floating shelves on your wall and have nothing on them at the minute.

Floating shelves look great! And with small decor on them, they will look amazing! Books, plants, shells, candles, something from your hobby, awards, anything! Make it personal. Incorporate your hobbies and interests into your room!

Looking at the shelve above my desk now, there is the Buddha statue I bought on my trip to Thailand in the summer. Beside that is the miniature cactus my granny bought me from a garden centre we went to when I was younger. And hanging from the shelve are the rosary beads I found in a little chapel outside a small town in Burma.

Display anything that matches you. Shout your personality through your bedroom!

Framed on said shelf I have a photo of my granny sitting on my granda’s knee on the ‘Wishing Seat’ in Dublin Zoo in the 1960’s. My granny decided to give it to me because she’d always catch me looking at it whenever I was down in her house. I truly love this photo ♥


Next, to that photo, I also have framed the polaroid that was taken of me on my Dad’s knee during my first shoe fitting. I just really like this photo because believe it or not, I remember this memory so clearly and vividly and it’s nice to be reminded on that!

I also love polaroids I think there’s so much meaning to them and they make any picture look a thousand times nicer, in my opinion. Every picture would be a polaroid if I had the choice!


“Some memories are unforgettable, remaining ever vivid and heartwarming” 

-Joseph B. Wirthlin



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