The Oriental Express…

Since my trip to Asia in the summer, I have noticed my taste in interior design becoming a lot more oriental!

My room’s look and feel now has what I like to call, an “oriental flare” thanks to the addition of a tapestry I bought from a stall on the Khaosan Road in Bangkok.

I now think of my tapestry as the jewel of my room and I’d suggest everyone invest in one as it creates such a mature and chic look.


You can hang a tapestry from your wall using non-damaging hooks like I do. I would suggest not using velcro strips as the slightest tug can pull your tapestry down. Which is not ideal when you have your tapestry behind your bed (I found this out the hard way!)

Affordable tapestries that aren’t horrible can be purchased easily online from sites such as eBay and Amazon, but make sure you check its real before you buy!

If you’re looking to spend a little more on your tapestry then society is the place to go. Here they sell tapestries of all shapes and sizes and any design you could possibly think of.


You can complement your tapestry with oriental patterns by adding lots of comfortable cushions and textured throws all across your bed. This will make your room much cosier and look amazing!

You can also hang something on anything in your room, for example, I hang my fairy lights on the frame of my curtains and the edge of my mirror.

“Weave your life experiences into a beautiful tapestry. Make art out of the story of your life”

– Abundance Tapestry


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