Good Lighting is EVERYTHING…

Listen up!

One thing you should not overlook when decorating your room is the importance of lighting. This can drastically change your room’s feel, and in turn how you feel within your room.

I’m a big fan of warm lighting, especially in bedrooms, and a way in which I create this is by putting candles on my desk and the shelves around my room.  I think candles should be a feature of everyone’s room, I cannot get enough of them! I love the cosy atmosphere and homely feel they create!!

For something edgier, I like to hang my fairy lights from the frame of my curtains in a jagged/crooked design like below. This creates a unique and different style and also a sense of illusion that looks amazing at night!3f1c5052a347b5aa34d4a637bdebcaa6

A different way to create this atmosphere is with a multi colour light bulb. I use one in the ceiling light of my room and it is an excellent way to transform the look and feel of your room with a quick colour change. I see it as an investment as you can change its colours from warm and dim to bright and vibrant all in the press of a button.

Multi colour light bulbs can be bought easily online from sites like eBay and Amazon and are also on sale in hardware and electrical stores.

“Light is the magical ingredient that makes or breaks a space; it’s one of the most important elements in all my interiors.”

-Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz


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