Colour me beige…

Looking to give your room the teenager vibe?

I’d suggest painting the walls with whites, creams and beiges as these colours are great at making your room feel calmer with a chic look. Also, try adding slim mirrors to make your room seem bigger!

I’d also suggest cutting pack on any posters you might have on your wall of boy bands or celebrities and instead replace them with pictures of friends and family or artwork. This creates a more personal and mature feel!


I’d say stick with pastels for the decor as pastels are really trendy right now and make the theme of your bed a simple grey for a serious look. Add unique patterns or any light colours using throw cushions as these go really well with grey.

Incorporate old furniture into your room for a boho, rustic look and add a vintage vibe to it. This is a cheap way to transform any room!

Most importantly, decorate simple and minimalistic because…

“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication”

-Leonardo DaVinci




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